Self drive trips across Africa: a real 4×4 adventure!

Discover for yourself the most beautiful places and most fascinating animals of Africa in a 4×4. Experience the freedom and select your favourite adventure. offers various complete 4×4 safari trips. Our many years of self-drive experience ensure the perfect travel offer, with optimal itineraries and favourable prices. Our most popular destinations are Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. 

Self Drive Trips (full service):
Our trips and self drive package deals are available on flexible travelling dates throughout the entire year. arranges your entire journey, including car rental, insurance, accommodations and bookings, which saves you a lot of work. Direct link to all selfdrive4x4 trips

If you would like custom advice, a different itinerary, or if you would like to know what period is the best option for you, please contact by phone or email.

4×4 car rental (car rental only):
You can also rent reliable and competitively priced 4×4 cars with us. Being the lead supplier of 4×4 cars in the Netherlands, we are able to offer you very favourable prices. The 4×4 cars on offer are available either with or without complete camping equipment. In addition to cars with tents, we also offer various 4×4 campers. Direct link to all 4×4 rental carsLast Minute availability.

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For self drive questions or more information, we would love to be of assistance. 
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