4×4 cars available for your self drive trip

You can come to us for a reliable and cheap 4×4 rental car. Most 4×4 cars on offer are available both with and without camping gear for 2 to 4 or 5 people. Apart from cars and tents, we also offer 4×4 campers, like the TRAX and Bushcamper.

If you would like advice for the best 4×4 for your journey, please contact us per phone on +31357600418. We would love to help be of assistance. We also offer you the best price guarantee.

On this page you will find all 4x4 cars for various countries in Southern Africa. Most cars are fitted with a roof tent, sleeping on the 4x4 roof. If you prefer to sleep in the car, choose a 4x4 Bushcamper.

The most popular car for 2-4 people is the Toyota Hilux Double Cab. An advantageous and strong 4x4 car where you sleep in a roof tent on the car. Do you want more comfort? Then choose the Toyota Hilux 3.0 or Safari.

Do you want to travel with 2 people? Then choose the Toyota Hilux Single Cab. A smaller 4x4, suitable for two people.

For a heavier car with a stronger engine, choose the Land Cruisers. These are considerably more expensive.

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