Toyota Hilux Double Cab Bushcamper

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The Toyota Hilux Double Cab Bushcamper is equipped with everything you could wish for. This reliable 4×4 camper van can be rented on Selfdrive4x4 and has space for 2-3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.

2.5 Diesel engine. The car will be equipped completely for 2 to 4/5 people. Camping equipment: mattresses, pillows and towels, 2 sleeping bags, 12V/220V freezer, 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 camping gas cylinders, 1 gas stove, a 12V rechargeable lantern or gas lamp, barbecue set, a complete kitchen set, a dust-free storage chest, a water container (or water tank). The car has air conditioning, radio or CD (sometimes with USB connection), power steering, a completely lockable top storage space, fuel tank + long range tank (140-180 litres of Diesel, about 1100-1300 km of action). Jerrycan (one or multiple). 

Please note: 
Specifications can vary per car and supplier. Please request the specifications of the car on offer. All camping 4×4 cars are equipped with a very complete assortment for 2-4 people which includes practically everything for taking a camping trip across Southern Africa.

From around €95 per day to around €140 per day. Prices vary strongly per season and starting location. The period of November/December to June is the cheapest period to rent a 4×4.
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