Self drive experience in Africa

We would love to share our self drive 4×4 experience in Africa with you. Since 1994, we have driven many miles through various countries in Africa, north to south, east to west. However, we specialise in the countries in Southern and East Africa. The countries there can be crossed with 4×4 rental cars.

Since the early years (1994/1995), much has changed. Tourism has increased dramatically and self-drive trips and 4×4 rental cars have become extremely popular. Travellers used to only run into other ‘overlanders’ with their own cars (much like we met each other in Namibia). However, now you’ll notice that you won’t be the only one discovering Africa with a 4×4. Luckily the countries are so massive that there’s space enough for everyone. You can still drive there for a day without meeting anyone.

We ourselves are regular visitors of Southern Africa, so we can keep our self-drive experience up to date. Our network of local contacts also keeps us updated, so we can provide you with the latest information of the local situation. We use this knowledge to support and advise you during your self-drive trip through Africa. 

We publish new information and updates on the forum. You can go there for anything, like road conditions in the Moremi Game Reserve.

If you have a self-drive question or if you want to have more information, please call us on +31357600418 or send us an email at We would love to help you.

Hans Schoelink & Marco de Lange 

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