Garmin GPS rental & Tracks4Africa

A good GPS device is essential when you’re going off the beaten track with a 4×4 in Southern Africa. We can offer you the Garmin Nüvi 2545. This is a versatile GPS set with the lauded cartography software from Tracks4Africa. The Nüvi GPS contains the very sensitive SiRF GPS receiver, which ensures good reception at all times.

GPS device rental includes:

• Mounting support (window sucker)
• 12 volt cable
• Latest navigational software of Tracks4Africa (version 17.01)
• Nüvi GPSrental: €3.50 per day 

All our standard package deals include this GPS set, and with single rent 4×4 cars you can indicate whether you wish to rent a GPS device as well.

For journeys through the game reserves of Botswana (like Chobe National Park, Moremi and Central Kalahari), GPS use is essential.

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