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Toyota Hilux Single Cab Bushcamper

This comfortable camper is fully equipped for 2 people. The car has a strong 2.4 turbo diesel engine that allows you to travel safely through Southern Africa. The long range diesel tank ensures that you can also get to the most remote places. The car also has a double battery, two spare wheels and air conditioning. The compact camper body makes this an ideal 4×4 car for a comfortable self drive.

With the Single Cab Bushcamper you get a complete cooking and camping equipment including table and chairs, a large water tank and a refrigerator. At the Single Cab Bushcamper you cook outside the car. The camper body is only for sleeping and / or sitting in the car. This is in contrast to the Trax camper that we offer.

Specifications can vary per car and supplier. Please request the specifications of the car on offer.

See the vehicle specifications and rates below.
Min. age for this vehicle is 30 years. (additional fee applies for young drivers)
Toyota Bushcamper


See all specifications of the Toyota Hilux Single Cab Bushcamper. Specifications can vary per car and supplier. Please request the specifications of the car on offer. All camping 4×4 cars are equipped with a very complete assortment for 2-4 people which includes practically everything for taking a camping trip across Southern Africa.


Camping gas cylinder & stove

1 or 2 gas cylinders to cook (dep. equipment)

2.8 diesel engine


BBQ set

Complete BBQ set


Jerrycan for diesel

1 or 2 jerrycan(s), 20 liters (dep. type)


Kitchen set

Complete kitchen set and cutlery



A container for cooking equipment and supplies


Power steering

The car is equipped with power steering

Water tank

a 40 liter water tank (dep. type)

tafel en stoelen

Table & chairs

1 table and 2-5 chairs



12v/220v (dep. type)

2nd spare wheel

2nd spare wheel to increase safety on the road

2nd battery

2nd battery to power the refrigerator



The car is air-conditioned

radio cd

Radio / CD

The car is equipped with a radio / CD player, USB connection and often AUX and Bluetooth



12v rechargeable lantern or gas lamp


Rates vary strongly per season, starting location and amount of days.

Indicatieprijs per dag

  • Laagseizoen (januari - maart) v.a. €103,-
  • Voorseizoen (april - juni) v.a. €115,-
  • Hoogseizoen (juli - oktober) v.a. €191,-
  • Naseizoen (november - december) v.a. €168,-

The rates vary strongly per season and starting location. We are happy to offer you a favourable quotation, matching your personal preferences!


Unlimited kilometers
Full camping equipment
12v fridge/freezer
Extra diesel or water tanks
Two spare wheels
Standard insurance Excess
Selfdrive4x4.com Keycord

Not included

Reduced or Zero Excess
Cross border fees
2nd driver (see quote)
GPS and/or Satellite phone
One way fee (see quote)
Additional equipment (if needed)
Young driver fee (<30 years)
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Skillful people

It was a really good experience and they are skillful to plan and give quick response with answers.

Good knowledge of Africa and the countries there. What to visit and they plan the trip so it suits the customer.
Quick response when you have questions.

Christer Jonson

10 / 10

Adequate hulp

Selfdrive4x4.com biedt adequate en deskundige hulp bij zowel het plannen van het reisschema, het regelen van autohuur en het daarbij horende papierwerk (verzekeringen, transfers) en het vastleggen van de camping- en lodge-locaties.


10 / 10

Perfect organization

Selfdrive4x4.com offers the perfect organization of the trip for selfdrivers.


Very easy handling, good communication.


10 / 10


Perfect, I would recommend it to everybody to work together with it.


Friendly people – very fast in answering questions – high knowlede about the things you need at your destination and for a 4×4 driving holiday – easy to comunicate with.

Improvements or suggestions

Right know for my use it was perfect. Especially since I am not next door, and just worked together via internet and phone.


Niedereder Raimund

10 / 10

We would recommend Selfdrive4x4.com to our friends

We booked a last minute 17 day self drive trip through Namibia with this company and everything was just perfect. Contact with the company was very pleasant and they kept us posted with updates about the progress of our trip. Gps, maps, book and 12V equipment was sent to our home as soon as our trip was confirmed.

Price wise it was a great deal and everything in Namibia (car and layovers) were to our satisfaction. We would definitely book again with this company and we would recommend it to our friends.