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Erindi Game Reserve

This unspoilt nature reserve is home to a very varied landscape. In addition to savannah and grassland, you will also find hills and mountains here. The reserve, with a size of approximately 71,000 hectares, is home to the big five and countless other (endangered) species. The park has many water sources and attracts a lot of animals because of it. In the Herero language, Erindi means ‘Place of water’. You can find cheetahs, leopards, elephants, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, baboons, zebras, and more in the park.

The owners of the Erindi Game Reserve strive for environmentally friendly tourism in the park and supporting the local communities. Animals in the park are protected from, among other things, poachers. There are various ongoing projects in the park to maintain and improve the animals and their habitat. There has been a shelter project for leopards since 2007. Because Erindi is malaria-free, the reserve is very suitable for visiting with children.

You can go on a game drive yourself here or go on a guided tour.


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