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Keetmanshoop is situated along a main road in Namibia and is the commercial capital of the Karas province. This makes it a convenient stopover for many travellers. Keetmanshoop is mostly known for its nearby Giants Playground and the Quivertree Forest.

At Giants Playground, you can find large rock formations that have been formed by many years or erosion. It looks as if giants have been playing with the rocks here, which is where it gets its name from. In Quivertree Forest, you can find the special quiver trees. The quiver trees are, contrary to their name, not trees but Aloe plants. This plant continues to branch until it has the size of a large willow. The name quiver tree comes from the way the plant was used in the past. The San used the hollow branches to make arrow quivers.

Keetmanshoop is located in southern Namibia. It also lies on a ridge between the Lüderitz and the Namib Desert.

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