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At the heart of the Kaokoveld is Opuwo, the capital of Kunene. This town is the gateway to the Kaokoveld and has a number of stores, a petrol stations, some houses and a school. What makes Opuwo so special is its inhabitants. You can find lots of Hereo here, as well as the nomadic Himba nearby.

You can visit different Himba villages from here. The Himba are used to visitors who want to know more about their lifestyle and culture.

In addition, the area around Opuwo is amazing. It is the most authentic and rough area of Namibia. Kaokoland is often described as the last true wilderness of Southern Africa. What is particularly special is how the desert elephant and other wild animals were able to adapt to the dry environment.

From Opuwo, you can continue your journey toward the Kunene River and Epupa falls, both on the border with Angola.

We offer several self drive 4×4 trips to Namibia and Opuwo.


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