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Travel TV show ‘3 op Reis’ Botswana Road Trip

Do you want to travel in the footsteps of Dutch TV host Chris Zegers in an unforgettable Botswana adventure? A great road trip with a 4×4 vehicle through the wilderness of Botswana bushes and savanna’s? Check this out!

For the Dutch travel TV show ‘3 op Reis’, we have organised a 13 days road trip through Botswana. It was a great honor to see our local partners on Dutch national television. The host and his crew had an amazing time, which you can have too! This road trip is particularly suited for the green season in Botswana. It is also possible to extend your trip with more days and to fit in more luxurious accommodations as you wish. We would be kindly tell you more about all the possibilities.

This 13-day 4×4 self drive trip is pure adcenture with camping in the bush. Wildlife mixed with endless landscapes, wide views and beautiful sunsets. Camping is alternated with B&B and lodges, which makes a perfect combination of adventure and comfort. This road trip is available for 2 to 4 persons per car. The price for 5 people or more can for example be requested and depends on the local possibilities and space in the preferred car.

Advantages of self-drive 4×4 package trips

  • Inclusive support and professional advice safari trip
  • Inclusive GPS with Tracks4Africa software and all 4×4 waypoints and destinations for your trip
  • Inclusive CDW2 insurance with Zero Excess
  • A perfectly mapped route with optimal travel distances
  • SGR cover for pre-paid funds (incl. Sicherungsschein for Germany)
South Africa and Botswana
South Africa and Botswana Moremi Game Reserve
3 op reis Botswana


  • 1: Maun
  • 2: Moremi Game Reserve
  • 3: Moremi Game Reserve
  • 4: Moremi Game Reserve
  • 5: Maun
  • 6: Ghanzi
  • 7: Central Kalahari Game Reserve
  • 8: Central Kalahari Game Reserve
  • 9: Central Kalahari Game Reserve (Deception Valley)
  • 10: Makgadikgadi National Park
  • 11: Nxai Pan
  • 12: Maun
  • 13: Return flight
house icon white 3 nights Lodge or B&B
tipi tent icon white 9 days camping
car icon white 13 days 4x4 rental

Route & itinerary


Day 1: Maun

On the first day of this Botswana Roadtrip you will arrive in Maun. After collecting the 4×4 car, you will have some time to do grocery shopping for the next few days. You will spend the night in a B&B, so that you are fit and wide awake for your 4×4 journey! You will stay at Discovery Bed & Breakfast.

Accommodation: B&B. Travel distance: 10 km.


Day 2: Moremi Game Reserve

Today you’ll leave the city and head towards the impressive Moremi Game Reserve. The road to Xakanaxa Campsite is one big game drive where you will spot many amazing animals. Arrival at the campsite is in the afternoon. After building up camp for the first time, you can make a game drive looking for wildlife.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 120 km.


Day 3: Moremi Game Reserve

Another night at Xakanaxa Campsite. A full day to spend in Moremi Game Reserve. Beautiful 4×4 drives which makes it quit possible to spot lions, elephants, giraffes and impala. Another option is to make a boat cruise through the Okavango Delta.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 20 – 40 km game drives.


Day 4: Moremi Game Reserve

You still stay at Xakanaxa Campsite. This day will also be filled with game drives and spotting wildlife in the Moremi Game Reserve. You can visit Paradise Pool and the Dead Tree Island.

If you want to make the exact same trip as seen in the Dutch Travel TV show, you can stay this night in the luxe Okuti Lodge at an additional cost.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 20 -40 km game drives.


Day 5: Maun

After three days of Moremi wilderness, you will travel southwards. The night will be spend on the campsite of Okavango River Lodge in Maun. The next day you will leave for Ghanzi and the San Bushmen. Optional (not inclusive) is a sighseeing flight over the Okavango Delta. This is an unforgettable experience. The TV show crew did this flight with a helicopter.

Accommodation: B&B. Travel distance: 125 km.


Day 6: Ghanzi

Next stop is Ghanzi, where you will stay at the Thakadu Bush Camp. This special campsite is managed by the local San Bushmen. This lodge supports the local community for employment. The San will kindly show you their ways of living and you will also be able to participate in various activities. From bush walkes to craft making!

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 290 km.


Day 7: Central Kalahari Game Reserve

From Ghanzi, you will travel back east heading for the Kalahari Game Reserve. You will have three days in this beautiful game reserve to make all the game drives you want. You will be staying at three different campsites. First night is at Motopi Campsite. Here you can spot the Kalahari lion with his dark manes. There is also a change to see the rare brown hyena. Jackals, bat eard foxes, honey badger, antilope and springbok are more common.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 160 km.


Day 8: Central Kalahari Game Reserve

After Motopi, you will travel to Passarge Valley. After a morning game drive, you will move camp to the next campsite. Your full stay at the Kalahari Game Reserve will be one big game drive. You will not pass many other toerists in this wide, remote area.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 60 km.


Day 9: Central Kalahari Game Reserve (Deception Valley)

Third day in Kalahari. Today, you will drive to Deception Valley. Known from the book ‘Cry of the Kalahari’. You have the option to take the direct road or you can make it one big game drive and travel via Leopard Pan and Sunday Pan. In the early afternoon you will arrive at Kori Campsite, which is located at the edge of Deception Valley.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 80 km.


Day 10: Makgadikgadi National Park

Today you can also start with a morning game drive, after which you will leave Central Kalahari Game Reserve behind. The road leads you to Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. Here you will camp at Khumaga campsite at the Boteti River.

When you want to follow the exact same schedule as the crew of the TV show, you can stay at the special Meno a Kwena camp at additional costs.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 155 km.


Day 11: Nxai Pan

Today is the day of travelling all the way through Makgadikgadi Pans National Park to Nxai National Park. Destination is the Baines Baobabs. These extraordinary group of Baobab trees are named after artist and explorer Thomas Baines. You will stay at Baines Baobabs campsite.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 90 km.


Day 12: Maun

Early in the morning is time for a last game drive in Nxai Pan National Park. Afterwards you will travel back to Maun. The first part of today’s journey is over sand roads, the second part consists of asphalt roades. In the afternoon you will arrive at Okavango River Lodge where you can rest and overthink your adventure!

Accommodation: B&B. Travel distance: 140 km.


Day 13: Return flight

Mornings are for relaxing and remembering your Botswana travels. You can fly back home at noon or afternoon. It is also possible to fly to another destination like Capetown to end your trip there.

Travel distance: 10 km.

Your custom self drive 4×4 itinerary

All our self drive trips can be adjusted to your personal requirements. Staying somewhere for a day longer or adding another destination is not a problem.
Ask us about the possibilities and we are happy to help you!

Your 4x4 rental car

The default car is a Toyota Hilux 4×4 double cab 2.4 Diesel.

The Toyota Hilux double cab is the most perfect 4×4 rental car for a self-drive safari in Africa.

It has much space and comfort, and has sleeping places in the roof tent. This Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4×4 has a separate boot where you can safely store your travel bags, together with all the camping equipment for your self-drive journey in Southern Africa.

Available for both 2 and 4 people, the Hilux is the best choice. For travels with 5 people (two adults and three children) the Hilux double cab can also be used.

If you’re with just two people, the back seat is especially useful for photo bags, day packs and supplies.

It is possible to upgrade car at extra costs.

Check here all our 4×4 rental cars.


Prices per person for various dates in 2023 and 2024. This special Botswana Road Trip (for the green season particular) is available for 2 to 4 people per car. The default car is a Toyota Hilux 4×4 double cab 2.4 Diesel. The price for 5 people or more can for example be requested and depends on the local possibilities and space in the preferred car. 4×4 cars (Land Cruiser or 4×4 camper) other than the default 4×4 car are available upon request.

1 July - 10 November, (2023)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.460,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.940,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.590,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 298,- per trip.

11 November - 4 January, (2024)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.030,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.630,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.360,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 298,- per trip.

5 January - 19 March, (2024)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 1.920,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.560,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.330,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 298,- per trip.

20 March - 30 June, (2024)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.030,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.630,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.360,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 298,- per trip.

1 July - 10 November, (2024)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.460,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.940,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.590,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 298,- per trip.


Toyota Hilux 4x4 Double Cab with complete camping & safari equipment
All accommodation during the journey
Two drivers
GPS & Tracks4Africa software
Advise by experienced self drive specialists
Airport transfers

Not included

International Flights
Entry Fees
Food & Drinks
Upgrades to fixed (luxury) accommodations
Upgrades to Toyota Landcruiser or 4x4 camper instead of roof tent
Zero Excess insurance


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It was a really good experience and they are skillful to plan and give quick response with answers.

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Selfdrive4x4.com biedt adequate en deskundige hulp bij zowel het plannen van het reisschema, het regelen van autohuur en het daarbij horende papierwerk (verzekeringen, transfers) en het vastleggen van de camping- en lodge-locaties.


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Selfdrive4x4.com offers the perfect organization of the trip for selfdrivers.


Very easy handling, good communication.


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Perfect, I would recommend it to everybody to work together with it.


Friendly people – very fast in answering questions – high knowlede about the things you need at your destination and for a 4×4 driving holiday – easy to comunicate with.

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We booked a last minute 17 day self drive trip through Namibia with this company and everything was just perfect. Contact with the company was very pleasant and they kept us posted with updates about the progress of our trip. Gps, maps, book and 12V equipment was sent to our home as soon as our trip was confirmed.

Price wise it was a great deal and everything in Namibia (car and layovers) were to our satisfaction. We would definitely book again with this company and we would recommend it to our friends.