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Namibia 22 days trip

The 22 days for this incredible trip allow you to take your time discovering Namibia by 4×4 rental car. See all highlights, such as the Himba at Opuwo to the far north, the red sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the desolate Deadvlei, the Namib Desert, Swakopmund and the Atlantic Ocean, Spitzkoppe, Damaraland, Kaokoland and the Himba, Etosha National Park and Waterberg Plateau National Park.

The trip is available for 2 to 4 people per car. The default car is a Toyota Hilux 4×4 double cab 2.4 Diesel. The price for 5 people or more can be requested and depends on the local possibilities.

Advantages of self-drive 4×4 package trips

  • Inclusive support and professional advice safari trip
  • Inclusive GPS with Tracks4Africa software and all 4×4 waypoints and destinations for your trip
  • Inclusive full insurance via Europeesche Verzekeringen which includes coverage for damages like glass & tires, under body and off-road normally excluded by the car hire company
  • A perfectly mapped route with optimal travel distances
  • SGR cover for pre-paid funds (incl. Sicherungsschein for Germany)
self drive namibia
Namibie en Botswana self drive reis 24 dagen


  • 1: Windhoek
  • 2: Marienthal
  • 3: Keetmanshoop
  • 4: Ai Ais/Fish River Canyon
  • 5: Aus
  • 6: Sesriem
  • 7: Sossusvlei/Solitaire
  • 8: Swakopmund
  • 9: Spitzkoppe
  • 10: Ugab Rhino
  • 11: Twyfelfontein
  • 12: Khowarib
  • 13: Opuwo
  • 14: Epupa Falls
  • 15: Kunene river
  • 16: Etosha National Park (Olifanstrus)
  • 17: Etosha National Park (Okaukuejo)
  • 18: Etosha National Park (Halali)
  • 19: Etosha National Park (Namutoni)
  • 20: Waterberg Plateau National Park
  • 21: Waterberg Plateau National Park
  • 22: Windhoek (return flight)
house icon white 3 nights B&B / Lodge
tipi tent icon white 18 nights camping
car icon white 22 days 4x4 car rental

Route & itinerary


Day 1: Windhoek

The first day of this wonderful self drive discovery of Namibia. When you arrive at the airport, our partner will be there to bring you to the car rental agency so you can collect the car. After an extensive instruction session and the required formalities, your self-drive will truly start. Spend the first night in Windhoek so that you have plenty of time to get to know the 4×4 and the city. Windhoek is also where you’ll have to buy the bulk of your supplies for the self-drive. You stay at Arebbusch Travel Lodge. 

Accommodation: B&B. Travel distance: arrival day.


Day 2: Marienthal

If you did your shopping yesterday, start early today for the journey to Marienthal. Head for Kalahari and experience first-hand the extensiveness of Namibia. This is an easy first travel day, so it’s perfect to get used to the car and driving on the left. Arrive at the Kalahari Anib Campsite early in the afternoon.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 320 km.


Day 3: Keetmanshoop

Head farther south today and visit the Quiver Tree Forest and Giant’s Playground, which is a very characteristic rock formation. Quiver trees are strange and rare trees of the Aloe family. The hollow trunks are used by Bushmen to store their arrows. Shoot some stunning landscape pictures here. You stay at Quivertree Forest Restcamp.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 280 km.


Day 4: Ai Ais/Fish River Canyon

After breaking up camp, set out for the second biggest canyon in the world: the Fish River Canyon. From there, it’s not too far to the hot springs of Ai Ais, which will take you through a stunning landscape. You can relax there in the (45 degree Celsius) inside and outside pool. You stay at the campsite of Ai-Ais Hotsprings Spa.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 270 km.


Day 5: Aus

After an early morning steam bath, a long trip northwest awaits you. Experience the landscape and the calm of Namibia. In the small village of Aus, you can take lovely walks and spot Namibia’s wild horses. Or take on a mountain bike trail! You stay at Desert Horse Campsite.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 350 km.


Day 6: Sesriem

Travel to what many call the highlight of their journey through Namibia: Sossusvlei. The road to Sesriem is not bad either, with a picture point at every bend. However, don’t be too excessive with your camera, or you’ll arrive in the dark. You stay at Sesriem Restcamp.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 350 km.


Day 7: Sossusvlei/Solitaire

A whole day for the sand dunes of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. We advise you to leave early so that you’ll get to the dunes in time for sunrise. It’s a breathtaking show of reds and oranges dancing around deep shadows. You stay at Solitaire Guest Farm.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance 120 km (total retour) + 90 km.


Day 8: Swakopmund

After two nights with the sand dunes and Sesriem, continue your self-drive journey to Swakopmund upon Atlantic Ocean. The road crosses through the Kuisib Canyon and the vast gravel plains of the Namib Desert. Arrive in Swakopmund in the early afternoon. Accommodation is Desert Breeze bed & breakfast with a unique view. In Swakopmund you can dine out in a restaurant if you’d like.

Accommodation: B&B. Travel distance: 350 km.



Day 9: Spitzkoppe

Discover Swakopmund or go shopping after breakfast. When you’re ready, travel on to the next destination: the characteristic sharp rocks of Spitzkoppe. You stay at Spitzkoppe Restcamp.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 160 km.


Day 10: Ugab Rhino

Continue your self-drive 4×4 deeper into the Damaraland. The stunning views so characteristic of Namibia accompany you to the community based Ugab Rhino Camp. You could just be honoured by a visit from Namibia’s famous desert elephants. On the road to Spitzkoppe you can visit the seals of Cape Cross (which is a detour of about 80 km).

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 200 km.


Day 11: Twyfelfontein

A special day where the 4×4 is truly indispensable. Adventurous tracks perfect for the 4×4, low gear, and GPS device are today’s goals on the road to Twyfelfontein through a Damaraland landscape that is as unique as it is beautiful. We advise you to use the whole day for this drive even though it’s a short one: it really is a 4×4 track and you’ll generally drive slowly. You could spot ostriches, oryx, various types of antelope and maybe even the extremely shy black rhino today. You stay at Mowani Camp.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: about 110 km.


Day 12: Khowarib

Today, the drive is not too long, so that you can enter the wild north at your own speed. On the way, you might meet Himbas and Herreros. You stay at the campsite of Khowarib Lodge.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 180 km.


Day 13: Opuwo

Reach the northernmost point of your Namibia safari self-drive today, and visit a traditional Himba village in the afternoon. Stay at a lovely Opuwo Coutry Lodge campsite

Accommodation: campsite. Travel distance: 160 km.


Day 14: Epupa Falls

After breakfast in the lodge the route continues to the Epupa Falls. There is time to visit the Himba and the waterfalls. The campsite Epupa Falls Restcamp is between the palmtrees next to the falls.

Accomodation: camping. Travel distance: 175 km.


Day 15: Kunene river

Heading east to the Kunene River Lodge. There are some (often) dry riverbeds. The road is recently improved and only in rainseason there is a chance that you will have to make a detour.

Accomodation: camping. Travel distance: 90 km.


Day 16: Etosha National Park (Olifanstrus)

There are two options to drive to Etosha National Park from the Kunene River Lodge. Through Ruacana or Opuwo. The destination of today is Olifantsrus Restcamp in Etosha National Park. In total you will stay four days in the National Park. There is a campsite with watch tower.

Accomodation: camping. Travel distance: 320 km.


Day 17: Etosha National Park (Okaukuejo)

The second day in Etosha National Park. From Olifantsrus your trip continues to the central part of the Etosha National Park. In Etosha, you have a good chance of seeing all kinds of wild animals, such as elephants, rhinos, and lions. The illuminated watering places near the rest camps are fantastic. You can easily get there by foot from Okaukuejo Restcamp.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 240 km.


Day 18: Etosha National Park (Halali)

The third day of your stay in Etosha National Park. Take another extensive game drive today and head for Halali. You again have the choice between an early morning game drive around the camp, or to break up camp immediately and take your time getting in Halali Restcamp. This may also depend on how long you spent at the illuminated watering hole of Okaukeujo, where you can spot many remarkable animals. It’s not uncommon to see hyenas, lions, or even leopards there.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 70 km.


Day 19: Etosha National Park (Namutoni)

The fourth day in Etosha National Park. Today there is an extensive game drive towards Namutoni Restcamp waiting for you.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 70 km.


Day 20: Waterberg Plateau National Park

On the way to Waterberg Plateau you can make a stop at the beautiful Hoba Meteorite (the biggest in the world). Then, continue with the 4×4 to Waterberg. You can stop in Grootfontein to buy provisions for the last days in Namibia. You stay at Waterberg Plateau Campsite.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 390 km.


Day 21: Waterberg Plateau National Park

Second day at Waterberg Plateau Campsite. Waterberg Plateau is an ecologically diverse area that is perfect for beautiful walks. The black rhino was reintroduced here successfully in 1989. Join a guided hike with the local rangers.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: resting day.


Day 22: Windhoek (return flight)

The last day of your Namibia trip. After returning the 4×4 car to the agency in Windhoek, you will be brought back with a shuttle service to the airport.

Changing the itinerary

It is always possible to adapt this journey to your personal wishes. Limiting the journey or adding an extra destination, is no problem at all.
We are happy to help!

Your 4x4 rental car

The default car is a Toyota Hilux 4×4 double cab 2.4 Diesel.

The Toyota Hilux double cab is the most perfect 4×4 rental car for a self-drive safari in Africa.

It has much space and comfort, and has sleeping places in the roof tent. This Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4×4 has a separate boot where you can safely store your travel bags, together with all the camping equipment for your self-drive journey in Southern Africa.

Available for both 2 and 4 people, the Hilux is the best choice. For travels with 5 people (two adults and three children) the Hilux double cab can also be used.

If you’re with just two people, the back seat is especially useful for photo bags, day packs and supplies.

It is possible to upgrade car at extra costs.

Check here all our 4×4 rental cars.


Here you can see the prices per person for various dates in 2022 and 2023. The Namibia Self Drive 22 days is available for 2 to 4 people per car. The default car is a Toyota Hilux 4×4 double cab 2.4 Diesel. The price for 5 people or more can for example be requested and depends on the local possibilities and space in the preferred car. 4×4 cars (Land Cruiser or 4×4 camper) other than the default 4×4 car are available upon request.

5 January - 19 March, (2022)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.090,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.720,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.380,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 490,- per trip.

20 March - 25 June, (2022)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.270,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.780,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.490,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 490,- per trip.

26 June - 10 November, (2022)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.840,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 2.250,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.790,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 490,- per trip.

11 November - 4 January, (2023)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.380,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.890,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.570,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 490,- per trip.


Toyota Hilux 4x4 Double Cab with complete camping & safari equipment
All accommodation during the journey
Two drivers
GPS & Tracks4Africa software
Advise by experienced self drive specialists
Airport transfers

Not included

International Flights
Entry Fees
Food & Drinks
Upgrades to fixed (luxury) accommodations
Upgrade to Toyota Landcruiser or 4x4 camper unit instead of roof-top tent
Zero Excess insurance


10 / 10

Skillful people

It was a really good experience and they are skillful to plan and give quick response with answers.

Good knowledge of Africa and the countries there. What to visit and they plan the trip so it suits the customer.
Quick response when you have questions.

Christer Jonson

10 / 10

Adequate hulp

Selfdrive4x4.com biedt adequate en deskundige hulp bij zowel het plannen van het reisschema, het regelen van autohuur en het daarbij horende papierwerk (verzekeringen, transfers) en het vastleggen van de camping- en lodge-locaties.


10 / 10

Perfect organization

Selfdrive4x4.com offers the perfect organization of the trip for selfdrivers.


Very easy handling, good communication.


10 / 10


Perfect, I would recommend it to everybody to work together with it.


Friendly people – very fast in answering questions – high knowlede about the things you need at your destination and for a 4×4 driving holiday – easy to comunicate with.

Improvements or suggestions

Right know for my use it was perfect. Especially since I am not next door, and just worked together via internet and phone.


Niedereder Raimund

10 / 10

We would recommend Selfdrive4x4.com to our friends

We booked a last minute 17 day self drive trip through Namibia with this company and everything was just perfect. Contact with the company was very pleasant and they kept us posted with updates about the progress of our trip. Gps, maps, book and 12V equipment was sent to our home as soon as our trip was confirmed.

Price wise it was a great deal and everything in Namibia (car and layovers) were to our satisfaction. We would definitely book again with this company and we would recommend it to our friends.