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South Africa trip

This South Africa journey combines camping and fixed accommodations. Travel from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park, Swaziland, the Indian Ocean, Hluhluwe National Park, the Drakensberg, the Sani Pass and Lesotho through places like Graaff-Reinet and Knysna to Cape Town. The trip is available for 2 to 4 people per car. The default car is a Toyota Hilux 4×4 double cab 2.5 Diesel. The price for 5 people or more can be requested and depends on the local possibilities and space in the preferred car.

It is always possible to adapt this journey to your personal wishes. Limiting the journey to 20-22 days, for example, or adding an extra destination, is no problem at all.

Advantages of self-drive 4×4 package trips

  • Including support and professional safari travel advice.
  • Including GPS use with the latest version of Tracks4Africa software and all 4×4 tracks, way points and destinations for your journey.
  • Optional Zero Excess Insurance including glass & tyre damages.
  • 12v220 inverter with USB
  • Lonely Planet travel guide and clear Reise Know-How maps
  • A perfectly planned travel itinerary with ideal travelling distances.
South Africa
Table Mountain Cape Town


  • 1: Johannesburg/Pretoria
  • 2: Graskop
  • 3: Swadini
  • 4: Kruger National Park (Letaba)
  • 5: Kruger National Park (Satara)
  • 6: Kruger National Park (Lower Sabie)
  • 7: Hlane National Park (Swaziland)
  • 8: Hlane National Park (Swaziland)
  • 9: St. Lucia (Zuid-Afrika)
  • 10: iSimangaliso Wetlands
  • 11: Hluhluwe/iMfolozi National Park
  • 12: Hluhluwe/iMfolozi National Park
  • 13: Drakensbergen - Cathedral Peak
  • 14: Drakensbergen - Cathedral Peak
  • 15: Sani Pass (Lesotho)
  • 16: Katse Dam
  • 17: Malealea
  • 18: Malealea
  • 19: Lake Gariep (Zuid-Afrika)
  • 20: Graaff-Reinet (Camdeboo National Park)
  • 21: Graaff-Reinet (Camdeboo National Park)
  • 22: Knysna
  • 23: Knysna
  • 24: Kaapstad
  • 25: Kaapstad
  • 26: Kaapstad
  • 27: Terugvlucht

Route & itinerary


Day 1: Johannesburg/Pretoria

The first day of your journey, and your arrival in Johannesburg. Arrival time of course depends on your flight: KLM arrives in the evening while most other airlines fly by night. Collect your 4×4 car the next morning and receive some instructions. You can then leave for your first day of adventures.

Accommodation: camping or ox wagon. Travel distance: 80 km.


Day 2: Graskop

Travel from the Gauteng heights to South Africa’s east along a panoramic route. On the way, you might want to stop at the picturesque Pilgrim’s Rest, where time seems to have been frozen. You will be staying at Panorama View restcamp.

Accommodation: Self-catering chalet. Travel distance: 350 km.


Day 3: Swadini

Discover the famous panorama route today. God’s Window, Bourke’s Potholes & Blyde River Canyon, which is the biggest (green) canyon in the world. At the end of the day, enjoy Swadini’s hot thermal springs. You will be staying at Swadini.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 160 km.


Day 4: Kruger National Park (Letaba)

After the beautiful vistas of the panorama route, it’s now time to visit the vast Kruger National Park. Stay in four different camps and discover a large part of the park. Go one game drives with the 4×4, and if you like you can join the SANPARKS activities, like going on a ranger-guided hike or a night drive, where you’ll drive in the dark and encounter remarkable nocturnal animals. You will be staying at Letaba Restcamp.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 170 km.


Day 5: Kruger National Park (Satara)

A second day in Kruger Park. Travel south to the next camp, Satara. Feel free to choose your own route and speed. Driving around in Kruger Park is one big game drive, and if you’re lucky you’ve even seen the big five already!

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 90 km.


Day 6: Kruger National Park (Lower Sabie)

Spend the third day in Kruger on the Lower Sabie in the southern part of the park. The Sabie and Sand rivers have created beautiful vegetation along their course, and the area has much wildlife.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 100 km.


Day 7: Hlane National Park (Swaziland)

After Kruger Park, cross the border to the kingdom of Swaziland today. Hlane National Park is known for the large amount of rhino’s.

Accommodation: camping Travel distance: 160 km.


Day 8: Hlane National Park (Swaziland)

A day in Hlane National Park in Swaziland. Game drives and guided game walks are examples of the many activities you can enjoy here.

Accommodation: camping.


Day 9: St. Lucia (Zuid-Afrika)

Head for the stunning coast of KwaZulu-Natal and the touristic town of Lucia. There are vast beaches as far as the eye can see. From St. Lucia we can really recommend a boat safari to see the hippos and crocodiles up close.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 300 km.


Day 10: iSimangaliso Wetlands

Unique flora and fauna can be found here, and rhinos will often block your path. The campsite is close to the beach.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 40 km.


Day 11: Hluhluwe/iMfolozi National Park

Travel back west from the Indian Ocean in your 4×4, back inland. The next stop is Hluhluwe/Imfilozi National Park. This wildlife reserve is famous for its big herd of (black) rhinos, and if you’re lucky you’ll see dozens during your game drives. You might also spot the big five.

Accommodation: self-catering safaritent. Travel distance: 110 km.


Day 12: Hluhluwe/iMfolozi National Park

A resting day in the Hluhluwe/iMfolozi National Park. We recommend a lunchbreak in the Hilltop Camp!

Accommodation: self-catering safaritent.


Day 13: Drakensbergen - Cathedral Peak

After the wildlife reserves, rise up to the Drakensberg. Go for a relaxing walk or a hike in the mountains.

Accommodation: Lodge. Travel distance: 370 km.


Day 14: Drakensbergen - Cathedral Peak

A resting day to discover Drakensbergen!

Accommodation: Lodge.


Day 15: Sani Pass (Lesotho)

Head for the ‘Tibet of Africa’, Lesotho. Cross the steep and extremely spectacular Sani Pass to get into the country. A 4×4 is a must here. On the top you find the ‘Highest Pub in Africa’…

Accommodation: Chalet. Travel distance: 315 km.


Day 16: Katse Dam

Discover the beautiful mountains of Lesotho today via the gravel roads from valley to valley. The day ends at Katse Dam.

Accommodation: B&B. Travel distance: 200 km.


Dag 17: Malealea

A long journey today towards Malealea. Across Paradise Pass after arrival you can relax, so that you are fit for the next day to do one of the many activities.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 315 km.


Dag 18: Malealea

Malealea is wonderful for the active ones among us. Pony riding, hiking, mountain biking and a visit to the local community are excellent day-trips here.

Accommodation: camping.


Dag 19: Lake Gariep (Zuid-Afrika)

From Lesotho you descend again to South Africa. On the way to the south / west coast of South Africa you have a stop today at the Gariep Dam where you can swim after your arrival.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 310 km.


Dag 20: Graaff-Reinet (Camdeboo National Park)

Today you drive to the picturesque town of Graaff-Reinet. The village was founded in 1786 and worth a visit in itself. You can also marvel at the most fantastic views in the ‘Valley of Desollation’.

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 270 km.


Dag 21: Graaff-Reinet (Camdeboo National Park)

Today a relaxed day in prospect. You can view or ride up Graaff-Reinet with its imposing church and enjoy the beautiful view over the village. It is recommended to drive upstairs with sunset.

Accommodation: camping.


Dag 22: Knysna

Today arrival at the Garden Route of South Africa. Knysna has many outings in store. Visit the nearby Knysna Forest or enjoy the water!

Accommodation: camping. Travel distance: 325 km.


Dag 23: Knysna

You do not have to get bored in Knysna. Today you can return to the water or take a walk in the beautiful Knysna Forest.

Accommodation: camping.


Dag 24: Kaapstad

You end this self drive with a few days in The Mother City. Cape Town has a lot to offer. A visit to Table Mountain, Robben Island, Cape of Good Hope and the university town of Stellenbosch are a must.

Accommodation: Chalet. Travel distance: 500 km.


Dag 25: Kaapstad

A full day to further explore Cape Town.

Accommodation: Chalet.


Dag 26: Kaapstad

The last full day in South Africa. Enjoy the view from Table Mountain or stay lazy at Victoria Warf in the city.

Accommodation: Chalet.


Dag 27: Terugvlucht

Today it is unfortunately over. Back to the depot of your 4×4 supplier and your transfer to the airport

Changing the itinerary?

It is always possible to adapt this journey to your personal wishes. Limiting the journey to 20-22 days, for example, or adding an extra destination, is no problem at all.

Your 4x4 rental car

Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4×4

The default car is a Toyota Hilux 4×4 double cab 2.4 Diesel.  The Toyota Hilux double cab is the most perfect 4×4 rental car for a self-drive safari in Africa. Zowel voor 2 als voor 4 personen is de Hilux double cab de beste keuze. Available for both 2 and 4 people, the Hilux is the best choice. For travels with 5 people (two adults and three children) the Hilux double cab can also be used. If you’re with just two people, the back seat is especially useful for photo bags, day packs and supplies.

It has much space and comfort, and has sleeping places in the roof tent. This Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4×4 has a separate boot where you can safely store your travel bags, together with all the camping equipment for your self-drive journey in Southern Africa.

It is possible to upgrade car at extra costs. See all our 4×4 rental cars. 


Prices per person for various dates in 2019 and 2020. This Self Drive trip is available for 2 to 4 people per car. The default car is a Toyota Hilux 4×4 double cab 2.4 Diesel. The price for 5 people or more can for example be requested and depends on the local possibilities and space in the preferred car. 4×4 cars (Land Cruiser or 4×4 camper) other than the default 4×4 car are available upon request.

5 January - 20 March, (2019)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.230,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.790,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.390,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 480,- per trip.

20 March - 25 June, (2019)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.350,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.890,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.450,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 480,- per trip.

26 June - 10 November, (2019)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.770,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 2.190,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.690,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 480,- per trip..

11 November - 4 January, (2020)

  • 2 people Rate per person € 2.350,-
  • 3 people Rate per person € 1.890,-
  • 4 people Rate per person € 1.450,-

Optional CDW (Zero Excess) insurance incl. tires and glass € 480,- per trip.


Toyota Hilux 4x4 Double Cab with complete camping & safari equipment
Two drivers
All accommodation during the journey
GPS & latest Track4Africa software
12-220v inverter with USB
Lonely Planet Guide & Reise Know-How map(s)
Advise by experienced self drive specialists
Airport transfers

Not included

International Flights
Entry Fees
Food & Drinks
Upgrades to fixed (luxury) accommodations
Upgrade Toyota Landcruiser or Hilux 3.0 (automatic) or Toyota Fortuner (automatic)
Zero Excess Insurance


10 / 10

Skillful people

It was a really good experience and they are skillful to plan and give quick response with answers.

Good knowledge of Africa and the countries there. What to visit and they plan the trip so it suits the customer.
Quick response when you have questions.

Christer Jonson

10 / 10

Adequate hulp

Selfdrive4x4.com biedt adequate en deskundige hulp bij zowel het plannen van het reisschema, het regelen van autohuur en het daarbij horende papierwerk (verzekeringen, transfers) en het vastleggen van de camping- en lodge-locaties.


10 / 10

Perfect organization

Selfdrive4x4.com offers the perfect organization of the trip for selfdrivers.


Very easy handling, good communication.


10 / 10


Perfect, I would recommend it to everybody to work together with it.


Friendly people – very fast in answering questions – high knowlede about the things you need at your destination and for a 4×4 driving holiday – easy to comunicate with.

Improvements or suggestions

Right know for my use it was perfect. Especially since I am not next door, and just worked together via internet and phone.


Niedereder Raimund

10 / 10

We would recommend Selfdrive4x4.com to our friends

We booked a last minute 17 day self drive trip through Namibia with this company and everything was just perfect. Contact with the company was very pleasant and they kept us posted with updates about the progress of our trip. Gps, maps, book and 12V equipment was sent to our home as soon as our trip was confirmed.

Price wise it was a great deal and everything in Namibia (car and layovers) were to our satisfaction. We would definitely book again with this company and we would recommend it to our friends.